Visualizations provide data-driven content selected by the NCSI and designed to overview subjects and sectors of interest to investors. As a user, you may browse through content categories/topics, selecting any page to view and interact with visualizations.


Users may export pages or single visualizations to XLS, PPT, PNG or PDF formats, depending on the format of the visualizations. In addition, the sector snapshots offer a convenient starting point for users to build their own dashboards.



Most visualizations include the option to Add to Gadget Bin. By selecting this option, the visualization is saved to a clipboard from which users may then insert the visual into a dashboard without having to recreate the visual.

A registered user can also save a copy of the whole page by clicking Save Copy to freely investigate how it is made, modify it, and save under a custom title.


 NOTE: Your gadget bin appears in the top banner once you save items to it.