Get timeseries count

This endpoint returns timeseries data filtered by datasetId and a combination of dimension values.

Input: POST

The StartDate and EndDate act as filters between which if data is found the corresponding timeseries is included in calculating Timeseries count. Both of them are optional.
If no frequeny is provided, all frequencies will be considered for calculating the count. Similarly if StartDate and EndDate is not specified, all time ranges will be considered to calculate timeseries count.


DimensionRequestArray[DimenensionRequest] The DimensionRequest item consists of
  1. DimensionId : DimensionId to filter
  2. Members : Members of the respective dimension Id which are required.
FrequencyArray[Char] Array of required Frequencies.
Values can be 'A' -Annual ,'Q' -Quarterly, 'M' -Monthly ,'W' -Weekly
StartDateDate StartDate from which data is required.
EndDateDate EndDate before which data is required.


Int value of number of Timeseries found after filtering.


   "DimensionRequest": [
         "DimensionId": "region",
         "Members": [
         "DimensionId": "indicator",
         "Members": [
   "Frequency": [
   "StartDate": "2002-01-01",
   "EndDate": "2020-01-01"