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Regions (1 dataset)

The endpoint returns list of all the regions in dataset provided by the user if the dataset is public or owned by logged-in user.
DatasetId: Unique identifier for a dataset. 
Name Type Description
datasetId string Dataset's unique identifier
geoDimensionId string Id of geographical dimension
regions List<RegionInfo> List of regions
key int key for the region
name string name of region
regionId string id of the region
fields Dictionary<string, object> Metadat fields of region member
      "datasetId": "wkksqbb",
      "geoDimensionId": "region",
      "regions": [
            "key": 1000000,
            "name": "China",
            "regionId": "CN",
            "fields": {
               "regionId": "CN"
            "key": 1000010,
            "name": "India",
            "regionId": "IN",
            "fields": {
               "regionId": "IN"